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Felice Ling

Born in Pennsylvania

Lives & works in Massachusetts




2023- Present Principal UX Researcher

2021 - 2023  Team Lead UX Researcher

2020 - 2021  Founding & Senior UX Researcher

Blue Brick Ethnography LLC

2018 - Present  Owner / Founder

2016 - 2018 Design Research Consultant

Clients Include:

- Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics in Boston

- BEAM Interactive​

- ViacomNEXT

- Core Design Research

- Luminopia / Odin (healthcare tech startup)

2014 - 2016  The MEME Design

Design Researcher


2014  MA Program in Social Sciences (MAPSS)

University of Chicago

2010  BA in Anthropology and English

Amherst College




Participant Observation

User Interviews

Expert Interviews

Desk Research

Prototype Testing

Design Thinking

Strategic Thinking


2020 - VANISH Magic Magazine: "'You Don't Belong Here'"

2016 - MEME Visions Blog: "The Unsung Beauty of Mundanity"

2016 - MEME Visions Blog: "Smart Cities"

2016 - Busking Project Guest Blog Posts

2014 - "Perfect Strangers"

2014 - Genii Magazine: "Women Street Performers"


2015  University of Chicago's Earl S. Johnson Prize

Awarded to the student whose paper best combines high scholarly achievement with concern for humanistic aspirations and the practical applications of the Social Sciences

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